Spirit Garden Nutrition Emerald Balance Total Nutrition Drink Mix, 10-Ounce Canister

Emerald Balance 30 Day Canister by SGN Nutrition 10 oz Powder Emerald Balance 30 Day Canister 10 oz Powder Emerald Balance is a delicious nutritious superfood drink your body will love The Balance in Emerald Balance Comes From Antioxidants for healthy aging. Superfoods for high contents of beneficial and essential nutrients. Enzymes and Probiotics to help absorb the nutrients and balance the flora in the intestinal tract. Fiber to help with elimination of toxins in the body. Herbs that detoxify and enhance elimination of the toxins from the liver and kidneys. Lecithin to aid in capillary flexibility and neurotransmitters. Immune enhancers to keep you strong. Herbs that help balance glucose levels adrenal levels and hormonal levels . Energizing herbs without harmful stimulants. Herbs that increase the absorption of important minerals such as Silica Calcium Magnesium Zinc Chromium and the essential and non essential vitamins. And best of all we made it taste great because we know all th

A delicious, nutritious whole food drink for hair, skin and nail health
Free of any wheat, beans, yeast, spinach, nuts, sugar, fructose or dairy products
100 percent natural PH balancing